Star Wars Elevator Prank: Use The Force To Make Elevators Open

It’s been a while since I posted a good prank, and this Star Wars elevator prank is priceless. This isn’t a scary elevator prank like when we featured that article about When The Floor Falls Out Of An Elevator. This is just a brilliant little prank that’s all about using the force to control when an elevator opens. It requires no preparation, props or setup. All it takes is you and a friend (two people) and preferably a dark hoodie (for effect). It can be done anywhere there’s an elevator.

It’s always fascinating to see how people respond to pranks like this. Some people are uptight, and they actually get mad about it. It’s like the prankster is interrupting their very serious day. Other people are confused, and they just want to get away. Others are curious and amused, and they try to figure it out. I think the way people respond to pranks like this gives us a glimpse into their personalities. I hope I would respond well, but I haven’t had a prank (especially an elevator prank) like this pulled on me.

If you are a Star Wars fan, watching the video below will definitely brighten your day. If you work in an office with elevators, this would be something you could even try today. You’ll just have to choose a partner in crime, and then give it a go. If you have a hoodie, it will look even more authentic. I would want to be the person on the inside of the elevator, not the one on the outside. The prankster on the inside definitely has more fun, don’t you agree? This might just be my favorite Star Wars prank yet. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Star Wars Elevator Prank


Via: [Nerd Approved]