Star Wars Interior Design: R2-D2 Wood Burner For The Cold

Now when there is snow in pretty much all the odd places in the world, it’s become a challenge for many people to keep themselves warm and fuzzy.  Most of the time it’s just an extra shirt, a new jacket or some hot beverages to drink.  But as a geek, it becomes an even bigger challenge since you probably want to keep up your cool and geekiness.  No longer does that ‘ole ordinary cup of tea do the trick, especially if you’re at a geeky cafe somewhere flaunting your cool.  Nope, then you need your gear to yell out “GEEK” in the loudest colors and gadgets possible.  But it sure is a challenge, and it becomes even greater if you’re trying to make the geekdom shine in your home.  Geek interior design isn’t exactly the norm for the stores, at least around where I live.

Maybe you’ll be happy to know that in an auction on Ebay there is an enormously cool R2-D2 Wood Burner that you just have to see to believe.  It’s one of those rare moments when you wish that the world was all about Star Wars, and that you suddenly had all you geekiness back from when you where a little kid.  Everything was so much more pure when you were young and innocent.

This shiny and ultimately fantastic wood burner is not just for show.  It’s the perfect example of great craftsmanship, and it is fully functional if you just install it correctly.  At the time of writing this, the bid is up at $160 which should be a bargain in any geeks eyes.  Just imagine the bragging rights you would have sporting this one in your living room.  The cozy evenings with your girl would skyrocket to space.  You just can’t beat the geekiness of this thing.

Front View R2-D2 Wood Burner

Open Hatchet R2-D2 Wood Burner

Top View R2-D2 Wood Burner

Side View R2-D2 Wood Burner

Closed Hatchet R2-D2 Wood Burner