4 Star Wars Liquor Bottles Created In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

We’ve featured a lot of creative bottle designs over the years here on Bit Rebels. Some of them are elegant, some of them are outrageous, but none of them are as geeky as what I’m going to show you today. If you’re planning a Star Wars party anytime soon, there are tons of Star Wars inspired party foods you can make. There’s everything from Carbonite Jell-O to Vader Pataters. Assuming it’s an adult party, what about the liquor bottles? Can we geek those up too?

According to redditor ElderCunningham, the answer to that question is yes. You can always serve Yoda Soda, but what he created goes far beyond that. He made some Star Wars liquor bottles that are definitely from a galaxy far, far away. His creative bottles are oozing with Star Wars awesomeness, and they would probably be relatively easy to recreate if you wanted to make some of these for yourself.

There seems to be quite a debate on Reddit about the names he chose for each one of these liquor bottles. Although Luke develops into a badass, in A New Hope, he comes across as someone who would be a wine drinker. I would probably make the wine bottle for him. I would definitely make the Jägermeister bottle for Yoda because you have to be the master of all masters to drink that stuff and still be able to get out of bed the next day.

What about tequila? As one commenter named Richard Knight pointed out, that could be tequi-leia. Good one. I would love to sit here all day and come up with all kinds of names for these Star Wars bottles. We could probably stock a whole bar with them. I can think of several that would be perfect for Chewbacca. But for now, we’ll just have to be happy looking at these four. Enjoy!

Creative Star Wars Liquor Bottles

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Via: [Design Taxi]