Star Wars Operation Game: Help C-3PO Operate On R2-D2

I often see updated versions of classic games as they become available. Unless it has to do with Super Mario or a Rubik’s Cube, I’m usually not inspired about it enough to write about it. However, when I saw this game, I immediately put it on my master list for Santa Claus.

One of my very favorite games when I was a child was Operation. I used to play it for hours. When you have a shaky little kid hand, it’s really tough getting those bones out without making the patient’s nose light up and make noise. I remember I would jump every time it buzzed at me.

In this new geektastic Operation game, C-3PO is the surgeon operating on R2-D2. You can be the surgeon’s assistant and help him remove the lightsabers, Leia holograms, Darth Vader helmets, globs of grease, Dagobah swamp snakes, bad memory modules and more that somehow got inside our little buddy. R2-D2 will be as good as new when we are finished with him! You can purchase this at ThinkGeek for only $30.

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Via: [Laughing Squid]