Star Wars Remix: Converting The World One Item At A Time

Everything seems to be about Star Wars these days. There is a new Star Wars movie box coming out soon with some new material and a bunch of behind the scenes footage I take it. There is stuff sent to us everyday now with Star Wars as the focal point, and the Bit Rebels readers seem to like it. However, it seems everyone is getting into the science fiction of the Star Wars world. What makes people so enthusiastic about this particular franchise is quite obvious. It’s like with the Star Trek franchise, everyone likes a bit of the future in our lives, and I guess the more we get into it, the faster we will see some progress in the technology field as well.

Recently there was a new website launched that is dedicating its bandwidth to everything Star Wars. It’s not one of those usual fan sites that we’ve seen explode in numbers lately though. Nope, it is a site that is going to feature everything ordinary turned into Star Wars. Yup, that’s right! If you can find something and turn into something else that has to do with Star Wars, this site is probably going to feature it.

So far, the site has published a couple of articles with things like ground beef made into Jabba The Hut and some Stormtrooper pills. If that’s not Star Wars, I don’t know what is. Beware though, the creations themselves might not always be pleasant. The ground beef Jabba The Hut looks foul, and I wouldn’t go near that thing even if I got paid. The site seems to have gotten off to a great start though, and if you are all about converting the world into Star Wars one item at a time, this is where you need to be! The site is called Star Wars Remix, and you’ll probably find a lot of interesting things there as they publish more.

Remixing World Into Star Wars

Remixing World Into Star Wars