Star Wars Voice Changer For The Hardcore Cosplayer

We have all tried it, it’s just part of being a Star Wars fan, or maybe you have done it even if you have just watched Star Wars once. We all go, “Luke, I am your father!” with your best voice impression of the Dark Lord of the Siths, Darth Vader. I don’t know why, but this phenomenon has been going on ever since the movies were introduced some decades ago. It’s like a must that you have to try it. Of course, most of us don’t even come close to the voice of James Earl Jones, but that doesn’t keep us from trying. Well, if you feel somewhat empty after trying and recognizing that your voice sounds ultimately lame compared to the original one then I think I have the solution for you.

Now there is a new gadget that will enable you to sound just like the dark lord himself. It’s the Star Wars Spy Gear Voice Changer. It looks like nothing less than an ordinary gas mask, but it will enable you to sound just like Darth Vader, General Grievous or even Boba Fett. Yup, it actually has three different settings so you could have endless amounts of fun. Sure, there are probably other cool voice alternators out there that look better than this badboy, but since we haven’t tried them, we’ll just assume this sounds better than all the rest.

If you feel the need to play a prank on your family or friends, this thing could potentially put a little adrenaline in their systems. It sells for $19.99 over at Entertainment Earth and should at least become one of those rare collector’s items that you could bring out in, oh let’s say 20-30 years, to show you grandchildren. That would put a great smile on their faces. I am sure that Star Wars will still be putting out movies then. After all, the franchise is as popular as ever right now, and it’s unlikely that it will ever fall into the shadows of something else, right?



Via: [Fashionably Geek]