The Never-Ending Battle: Star Wars vs Star Trek [Infographic]

It’s Monday as I am writing this, and we could all use a bit of geekiness to start off our week, right? What could be better than a little ole Star Wars vs Star Trek battle? This age old battle has been ramped up as of late when it was announced that J.J. Abrams will direct the new Star Wars movie. As we all know J.J. Abrams directed the critically acclaimed Star Trek movie released in 2009. This has lead to an even more fierce battle between Star Wars and Star Trek fans.

If you are new to the Star Wars vs Star Trek battle (which is only possible if you have lived under a rock for the last 20-30 years), you might find that the constant comparing of the two franchises goes far beyond the scope of just science fiction. So how could you ever determine a winner when the fans constantly come up with new custom-made gadgets and gear, storylines and what have you? Well, you could look at the raw statistics of course!

We can get a full view of the solid statistics (no guestimations and no fictional data included) presented in a fresh infographic by Hark. It puts the franchises head to head and could possibly determine a winner in this never-ending confrontation. As you can see, this infographic simply called Star Wars vs Star Trek calculates the winner based on sales, social popularity and of course how many movies, shows and awards the two franchises have released and been awarded with.

I doubt we’ll ever see this Star Wars vs Star Trek battle resolved. Maybe this could possibly put some much needed solid information into the battle. Heck, now that Disney owns the Star Wars franchise, maybe they can buy the Star Trek one as well and combine the two universes. I am sure anything is possible in the movie universe. Why not have a computer direct the storyline of the movie with the help of online popularity statistics? I mean, everything seems to be a surprise these days, so why not embark on this endeavor too? The question still remains though – which side do you support in this Star Wars vs Star Trek battle?

Star Wars vs Star Trek – Who Wins?

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Via: [Daily Infographic]