Star Wars Worlds Bundled In Miniature Terrariums

I think anyone who has ever been a fan of Star Wars will agree with me when I say that the Star Wars universe is full of exciting things. Every gadget feels like it belongs there, and every character seemingly has his or her own purpose which makes the story come together in a perfect circle. As a fan, you can never get enough of the awesomeness either. You constantly want more and more, and I guess that was one of the reasons why George Lucas felt like 3 prequels to add to the original series of movies was necessary. The Star Wars world is ever expanding, and to anyone who is anxiously awaiting more, I don’t think we have seen the last of it. It might take a few years, but games, movies and all kinds of stuff will always be released.

It might not always come from the creators of the Star Wars world, Lucasfilm, but there will always be great creations to look forward to. Artists are never late on creating what they feel is a worthy addition to the Star Wars world, and I have to agree. Artist Tony Larson took bits and pieces of the Star Was world and created something that will make your bookshelf at home look like a memorabilia shrine.

He created small Star Wars world terrariums with matching characters that will light up anyone’s eyes in excitement. And, of course, they are for sale. You will have to hurry since once again they are made available for purchase through Etsy and that almost always means they are one-offs that are just waiting for someone to come snatch them away. They are available for between $95 and $105, depending on which one you want. Imagine having all three of these pieces of Star Wars worlds grace that bookshelf of yours. That would be pretty epic, wouldn’t you agree? For a true Star Wars fan, the choice shouldn’t be too hard to make. There are other really awesome terrariums as well. Have a look at all of them, and I know you will find something that will make your face light up with a smile.

Tony Larson’s Star Wars World Terrariums

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Via: [Technabob]