Steampunk Avengers & Justice League Superhero Figurines

There are a ton of superhero movies being released these days, and pretty much every single one (except for a few), makes box office history by earning hundreds of millions of dollars during its time on the chart. It’s no wonder though, people seem to want to escape their reality for just a few hours only to come back feeling a little more entertained. There is something truly appealing about watching a story that you know will turn out good in the end no matter how cheesy it might be. However, I must say that the concepts and remakes are soon becoming a bit tedious really. What I mean is that superheroes can only save the world in so many ways, right?

Why not switch it up a little bit? Why not mix up the themes and make it a little more interesting? For example, I don’t think there are too many steampunk movies out there. I know City of Ember is one which has that theme, although it’s not quite steampunk. So if you combine City of Ember with some superhero action, you should pretty much get what steampunk extraordinaire Sillof has been able to fuse together.

It’s a brilliant take on what superheroes would look like if they were thrown into the Victorian era. Not only does Sillof once again master the art of turning something quite exceptional into extraordinary, but he also manages to capture our attention with his brilliant ideas. We have featured Sillof here on Bit Rebels before with his Star Wars Steampunk Figurines, and he never fails to impress us with his creations. I wonder what he will take on next. Maybe we’ll see Men In Black, Ghostbusters or even Alien in an all steampunk costume. Who knows! All we know is that Sillof brings us the odd awesome inspiration necessary when the small gray brain cells fail to do their everyday thing. Props!

Victorian Steampunk Superhero Avengers Figurines

Victorian Steampunk Superhero Avengers Figurines

Via: [Walyou]