Sterling Silver Space Invaders Ring Proclaims Your Geeky Origin

It seems there are two types of geeks these days. There’s the ones who live the hardcore geek lifestyle to the fullest, and the ones who market themselves as geeks without even stepping into the domain itself. It’s easy to start a riot when talking about geeks vs. geeks, but planting your dedication in everything that could be considered geek also brings a lot of judgement with it. Some people love it and some people don’t, it’s just how it is. But one thing that set the true geeks apart from the posers is of course their genuine love for geeky stuff like computers, gadgets and everything else that is considered geek.

I have touched the subject before and gotten both scorched and rosed for it. Even though some people would say there is no real geek fashion out there, there are still plenty of geek accessories that are down right connected with being a geek. For example, the nerdy glasses, the bow tie and a lot of other things. Above all, the quirky and sometimes odd matching of clothes is a great example of geek fashion. This is of course how geeks were portrayed back in the ’80s.

Today it’s a whole different thing. Today you could wear this quite awesome Sterling silver ring that is shaped like a Space Invader to proclaim your origin. It’s a creation made available by Tjep, and it is one of many cool ways to show people you know just where the origins of geek really lie. I like how smooth and refined this thing looks, and it just oozes geek all over it. It sells for around $260 and is sure to put your geekdom out there. But then again, it’s never been about proclaiming you are a geek, has it?




Via: [Technabob]