Summer Cooling Spray: This Is Just Too Cool

Today it’s unbelievably hot here in Stockholm. I am trying to keep cool by the computer; however, it feels more like I’m sitting in jam packed server room without air conditioning to be honest. I got myself a bottle of Coca Cola Zero, chilled of course, but that’s pretty much the only thing I have around me to keep me cool. We have featured a few out-of-this-world gadgets that are supposed to chill our bodies during extreme heat, but they are usually expensive and not really for ordinary people like you and me. They are more likely for the special ops people in the army to be more specific, but we shouldn’t lose hope just yet though.

In Japan there are some adventurous people who keep researching this heat situation that millions of people find themselves in each day all around the year. They have actually come up with the first ever awesome Summer Cooling Spray. If you think it sounds familiar, you need to have a look at what it is before you make any assumptions. It’s not the spray that you get in a can that just sprays out some kind of chilled air until the can is completely empty.

Nope, this comes in the form of a foam that when sprayed onto the location where you are hot, it will harden and become some kind of non-sticky goo. You will be able to form whatever shape you want with it, and wrap it around your body parts like a bracelet or a necklace or wherever you want to put it. It’s really awesome! The foam itself apparently gives off a chilling cold feeling which will keep you completely cool. There is also a cooling fizzy spray which I must say is a little more scary. Spray it onto your arm, and you’ll get a fizzing foam that sounds more like it’s frying on your arm. It should be cooling as well, so I think you are safe to try it out. Aren’t these sprays just the coolest! (Haha, get it… “coolest” … sorry, I just had to!)

Summer Cooling Foam Spray Can

Summer Cooling Foam Spray Can

Summer Cooling Foam Spray Can

Via: [Japan Trends]