Superhero Star Map: New York City Is The Place

Everyone who has been to Hollywood in Los Angeles knows that you can drive around in Beverly Hills and Bel Air and look at famous people’s houses. What you won’t be able to avoid are the “Star Maps” stands all around Hollywood which point out exactly where all the famous people live. If you don’t want to drive around the city yourself, you can always go on a tour with one of the Star Tour buses around the city.

But what if you’re not too interested in celebrities and their extravagant living? What would you possibly want to look at then? Well, in Los Angeles, that’s pretty much what those tour buses do, but throw yourself over to New York, and you’ll find yourself in a whole different situation. It’s the city where pretty much every superhero has his or her home. Is that by choice? Well, that we don’t know; however, the creators (Marvel Comics) did put quite a few of them there within walking distance of each other. So, if you’re a villain and you’re planning to move to New York, bad choice!

Dorkly, one of the geeky places to catch some laughable content, put together a truly nice infographic of the 8 real life addresses of superheroes created by Marvel. If I were a crook, I would certainly not relocate myself in or around any of these streets. I know some villains are quite stupid, but hanging around these parts would just be to ask for trouble. Oh, and to get caught of course.

One thing that might catch your eye when looking at this piece of Marvel superhero geolocation map is that Iron Man actually lives at 59th St. & Broadway. What I don’t understand is that in the movies, that is not the case. Then again, he could have several residences, and the only one mentioned in the movies is the one on the west coast (I think it is). I am no Iron Man fanatic, so I can’t be sure, but that was what caught my eye when I first checked it out.

Nevertheless, this map is a pretty cool thing to print out. If you find yourself in New York, just get a cab to the neighborhood and you’ll be able to check out all the cool places. Yeah, you might not bump into the superheroes themselves, but at least you can see where they live.

Superheroes In New York City