Surc: Turn Your iPhone Into A Universal Remote Control!

More and more iPhone cases are starting to incorporate technology into them that will technologically enhance the iPhone itself. So far we have only seen cases and skins that will alter the look and feel of it, but slowly but surely, we are seeing a shift in the thinking behind them. It’s no longer all focused around geekiness, coolness, usefulness or security.

We’re actually starting to get some really cool features along with the cases we are buying. This is not the first time we have seen a case with some technology incorporated into it, and it’s certainly not the first time we have seen an iPhone working as a remote control for something. However, this case does a little bit more than that. The iPhone has sent its signals through wifi and bluetooth earlier, but that is all changing from now on.

The Surc is an iPhone case that adds an Infrared feature to your iPhone which you can program to work as a universal remote control. You will then be able to turn off or dim your lights, change the channel on your TV, or even turn on that coffee machine in the kitchen. Of course you will need to add Infrared receivers to all of the gear that you want to connect it to, but that’s kind of simple, and they can be bought in pretty much any large electronic store.

The Surc case is a beta so far, but it will be up for grabs early this year for about $70 a pop. It could certainly be the one gadget you would want for your birthday since you will no longer have to look for your TV remote(s) every time you want to change the channel. Also, since we are already carrying our phones with us wherever we go, even to bed, this could be the ultimate accessory for sure!