Swedish Cosplay Girl Takes Metroid’s Samus Beyond Cool!

I remember when I bought my first Nintendo NES base station. I was overjoyed by being able to play the games that today have become iconic and legendary. Back then there were not as many cosplay communities as there are now. The coolest thing you could find were some homemade fan magazines, and occasionally someone that had created something cool out of fabric. If you wanted more like that, you had to go to the game shows to get to actually “meet” Super Mario or whoever you were a fanboy or a fangirl of.

Today it’s a whole different story. And today, especially, I am proud to be Swedish (have I said that before…err). Jenni Källberg, a student and a world renowned cosplayer, has once again created something to stun the world. All her creations defy your most intriguing imaginations and dreams. If someone can do it, it’s this girl.

Jenni’s own blog, called Pixelninja, is completely jam packed with goodies and costumes that she has created herself. If you aren’t amazed after looking at her work, I don’t know where you should turn, or if you’re even human. It’s clear the girl knows exactly what she’s doing. Never before has a game character looked so sexy. #Oops,DidISayThat?