Taste Your Words: The Hydraulic Drink Mixing Typewriter

Now this is a drink making machine that would make William Shakespeare proud… nah, how about Charles Dickens or Mark Twain… no, still not right, how about J.K. Rowling… now that’s what I’m talkin about! Now you can type out a literary masterpiece and then drink those words right up.

These pumps, pipes and hydraulic thingamajigs all combine to create a machine that turns words into cocktails. During the process, it makes for a really interesting visual too. Once the liquid enters the machine, it travels across all 14 transparent tubes. The super neat part is that each letter has its own flavor. For example, the letter L is lime, K is Kahlua, J is Jagermeister, etc… There is room on the back of the machine for 26 bottles of alcohol (one for each letter of the English alphabet).

All of this creative loveliness was built by Russian artist Morskoiboy. You can learn more about how he made this, and how it works exactly, by checking out his website or watching the video below. If this machine were used in a club, would they charge for drinks by the letter? I mean, just asking.

Type Words To Fix Drinks

Type Words To Fix Drinks

Via: [Laughing Squid]