TDK Batman Utility Belt: Wear Your iPhone The Hero Way!

Don’t we all wanna be superheroes and save the world from all the evil and end up with the girl in the end? Well, now you can at least pretend you are. Just like in the movie Kick-Ass, there are of course no real superheroes, but there are ordinary people with a fancy to be one. To fully make your adventures as a fake superhero seem more real, there is now the ultimate accessory for you. It’s the TDK Batman Utility Belt!

It doesn’t really do more than house your iPhone while you’re out doing… whatever you are doing. However, it will make you look like nothing less than, yeah stupid. Put this belt on for work, and you will, without a doubt, be the talk of the day (if not the week). But, don’t expect to get the girl at the end of it all. She will probably think you’re an oddball and instead set her eyes on the water cooler dude with the geeky glasses before she even strikes up a conversation with you.

Nevertheless, since the hero usually doesn’t get the girl anyway, stick to your guns (iPhone) and call some friends instead. Maybe you can all play heroes and villains together. Maybe then you can impress at least someone with your “powers” and outfit. I wouldn’t go as far as telling you to count on it though.

It can be yours for the geeky price of $149 over at Universal Designs. Hurry up, the evil is spreading!