Technology Shoes – For The Ultimate Geek Girl

Wow, we’ve written about some pretty crazy shoes on Bit Rebels. Let’s see, there were the 911 high heels, the new season of Christian Louboutin shoes, the design-’em-yourself sneakers, the geek stilettos, the origami shoes… I could go on and on.

These shoes below may not be the cutest, the most comfortable or even the most practical, but wow, they are definitely the geekiest! Steven Roorig, a designer from Cuba, creates “technology shoes” made out of circuit boards (PCB), mobile phones, video games, radios, VCRs, camcorders or just about any material found inside of a computer. To get his materials, he asks friends and family to donate their old broken electronics. At times, he purchases broken items on eBay to get what he needs (I always wondered who buys that broken stuff).

Since each shoe is made from found materials, no two shoes are exactly alike. According to Steven’s website, “I feel I am ready to show these to those who appreciate technology. It’s the beauty of what lies beneath those modern gadgets we love and use in our everyday life.” These are great Steven! They would look perfect displayed on the shelf next to my desk. I want a pair so bad, can I send you my address? :)