The $7,000 Arcade Bowling Game Is Here!

Game freaks are fanatic over the old arcade game cabinets that once graced the space in the school arcade halls. There was something magic about putting those quarters into the machines and just kicking some butt. Breaking records was our main focus, and it meant something back then. Today’s scores aren’t as important as kills or frags. It’s like every game released today has an objective and the only way to get there is to kill something or someone.

I don’t say the world should shut it all down. I am sure everyone has the heart and mind to understand that it’s all fictional, and it doesn’t become reality once you step out of the virtual reality. I just simply miss those days when a good score on an arcade game meant you were the king of the hill. That’s why this $7,000 arcade bowling game is so flippin’ awesome.

Since it’s track ball enabled and has a lot of retro feel, you can kick off a game night of bowling right in your own living room. Invite those guests and go nuts. You can even do trick shots and enable different game styles. All the regulations are automated, so all you have to do is play your butt off. All this, of course, only if you have an extra $7,000 to spend to bring up the level of your parties. These are usually found in restaurants and cafes, but who cares? Awesomeness is to be owned!

You can buy it over at Hammacher Schlemmer. It doesn’t get more real than this in your own pad.