The Bat-Stache: The Batman Inspired Mustache Design

If I can get passed the fact that this guy looks like a porn star from the ’70s with that “come hither” look in his eyes, I might be able to handle this mustache. After all, I bet he could make all my Batman dreams come true. I can hear it now… “Come ride on my batmobile baby. If you’re a good girl, I’ll even let you wear my cape.

I had to show this to you today. I just had to. Anyone who shaves this kind of craziness into his face deserves some attention. The dude definitely worships his stache, but what will the ladies think? I need a follow-up and much more information about this.

This was submitted on reddit yesterday, and of course, it’s everywhere now. You gotta click over to reddit and read the comments. They’ll keep you giggling all day long. The caption reads, “I had a dream… It’s is now a reality.Captain_Auburn_Beard, congrats, your dream turned you into an Internet superstar. See kids, it doesn’t take much to be famous these days. All you need is a dream and a really, really sharp razor.

If you shaved this a day ago, that means it’s getting kind of itchy right about now as it grows back, right? Or maybe guys’ faces don’t get itchy when hair grows back like… which brings me to another thought… I wonder if your girl would consider shaving this into her hair too, you know, to match. This is getting creepy. I’m going to shut up now and just let you gaze into his eyes and become seduced. Click over to imgur to download the high-res version of this pic so you can get the full effect.


Via: [Geekologie]