The Best Etch A Sketch Artwork in the World

Do you remember playing with an Etch A Sketch? I loved my Etch A Sketch when I was little. I played with it every day for years. Recently, I even considered buying myself another one, just for the fun of it. It’s one of those classic toys that never goes out of style.

Several months ago, my friend Misty wrote an article on this blog called Etched A Sketch Inspiration This post is a follow up because I just can’t get enough. I recently learned that if you do any research on Etch A Sketch art, the name George Vlosich III comes up everywhere.

George is known as the best Etch A Sketcher in the world. The detail in his work will blow your mind. One of his masterpieces takes over 70 hours to create. According to, “His work has been described as the one continuous line that continues to amaze the world.” I cannot even imagine the patience it would take to create something like this. His award winning artwork has been inspiring people for over twenty years. I hope you like this as much as I do!