The Board Of Education Schools Star Wars With A New Song

A new song hit the airwaves recently that caught my attention. I personally stumbled onto it while listening to the XM Kids channel with my brood. The tune is called Why is Dad So Mad? by The Board of Education. For true Star Wars fans, this song is one you will instantly relate to. It begins by describing what many families around the world have done for over three decades – they sit down together to watch Star Wars.

Listening to John Williams’ epic soundtrack, seeing the bold yellow letters scroll into the distance and watching the Tantive IV dwarfed by the Imperial Star Destroyer creates a feeling of excitement and anticipation for an incredible space adventure. But in no time at all, that enthusiasm and excitement turns into anger and resentment for dear old dad. The Star Wars he grew up with is gone. And in it’s place is a film ruined with new mediocre CGI and nonsensical, unnecessary “improvements.”

The song covers all the topics – new Dewbacks, Greedo shooting first, the new Ewok song, and the addition of Hayden Christensen into ROTJ (blasphemy I say!) among others. It also takes a few shots at the prequels including Jar Jar, Midi-chlorians and the non-puppet Yoda. Meanwhile, the boy in the song just wants to enjoy the films with his dad. Dad’s response? “It’s too late for me… son.” Meanwhile, “even mom starts grumbling about that final part… Says it’s completely lame that Padme dies of a broken heart.” The song is available for purchase on iTunes. You can also listen to it for free on the band’s website.




Image Credits: [deviantART / hainarthax87] [The Board of Education]


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    Decible Warp 9 years

    I think it’s a great idea to blend some entertainment like songs with education. Such factors really boost your motivation for learning and pursuing your education ahead. By the way I like listening to Linkin Park .. they are my fav!