The Coffee Cup With A Dancing Girl Inside!

This kind of minimalist, detailed, insanely creative design makes me wonder, exactly what frame of mind does a person have to be in to even think of something like this? I mean seriously, this is nuts!

What do you think this is a picture of below? What exactly do you think you are looking at? A dirty coffee mug, right? Think again. What appears to be that coffee stain is really an entire landscape drawing! If you look at the larger picture on page 2 here, you will see flowers, birds and even a dancing girl inside that coffee cup!

According to Yukihiro Kancuchi, “The stain’s image is a representation of the product’s feelings and memories as the product ages through use.” Yeah, I don’t think I’m smart enough or sophisticated enough to fully appreciate this. Hahaha You can buy one of these coffee cups here.

Click on the link above to see this in much larger detail…

[via holy cool]