The Cost Of Being Batman IRL: 1939 vs. 2013 [Infographic]

Being batman is a big job. Not only does he have the responsibility of stopping the villains, but he also has to maintain his image. In all the retro comic books it looks simple enough… He wears a cool suit, boots and a mask. But by 2013, being Batman has gotten a lot more sophisticated. He’s one of the few superheroes known for his techie gadgets, and he’s always got the best of the best. Have you ever wondered how much all that would cost IRL? It’s more than you probably think.

If you decided you wanted to become Batman in today’s world, it would cost you about $134,735,100. Yep, it would be about 134 million dollars and change. Well, at least that’s according to this infographic called The Price Of Being Batman (by Mashable).

It’s a ‘then and now’ comparison, and it looks at the difference in the cost of being Batman in 1939 compared to the cost of being Batman in 2013. You really wouldn’t be able to skimp either. The fact that Batman doesn’t have any actual superpowers makes his gadgets critical to his success and reputation. It’s a good thing he was born a billionaire otherwise this would suddenly make it all seem unrealistic.

When you start comparing his expenses from 1939 to what they are today, you’ll see it’s quite different. I would recommend that Batman put himself on a budget. I mean, is it really necessary to spend 18 million dollars on the Batmobile and over 54 million dollars on the Batcave? Maybe so. This list of gadgets (many of them one-of-a-kind) is super sweet though. I’d love to get my hands on some of those! As they say, you’ve got to pay to play. I guess anyone can be Batman (since he’s just human after all) if they have enough money in the bank.

The Cost Of Being Batman IRL

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Via: [Mashable]