The Creative Non-Edible Geek Tech Jewelry To Flaunt

Being a geek and trying to find matching jewelry isn’t exactly the easiest of tasks. But if you thought it was impossible, you are not a geek. A geek never gives up and always strives for excellence. However, we should always remember that there are restrictions to everything. It might sound odd talking about restrictions when we’re talking about jewelry, but I assure you, there are some stupid people out there. Yup, even grown-ups, and they need to be informed. So what exactly are we talking about you might ask? I’m of course talking about the NON edible jewelry from Clone Hardware.

Their exclusive geeked out jewelry combines the geeky with the interiors of a computer or pretty much any gadgets that have something to spare. This jewelry is made from recycled computer parts among other things. So because they are things that are mechanical, and in most cases, contain hazardous materials, Clone Hardware had to put up serious guidelines for using their jewelry.


Everyday we are reminded by the many silly things people do so….
Please do NOT insert your earrings, necklaces or bracelets into ANY
orifice. Do NOT chew, lick, bite, suck on or otherwise ingest any of
CLONE HARDWARE creations. That goes for your kids too.
CLONE HARDWARE is for adults.
RESPONSIBLE non jewelry eating ADULTS.

So, if you’re an adult and thought that everyone understood that eating something hazardous from the interiors of a computer isn’t the best of choices, I must sadly disappoint you. There are actually people in the world that don’t know any better. Their jewelry is off the hook and needs a look or two, maybe even a purchase, just because we are geeky like that. Recycling is for the better of the world. Prices vary, but you can have a look at the various jewelry items right here.