The Designer Way Of Cutting And Styling Your Hair!

Hair grows, so being worried about an accident while getting a haircut or finding out that you are not really satisfied with your new doo shouldn’t be much of a problem. Why worry about how people perceive you when you know that in a few months it will all be back? What will it matter in a hundred years or so? At least that is how I look at things like this. Just go with it and dare to break that barrier. You only live once.

I’m sure you are asking yourself right about now, “What should I do then?” Well, if you are a designer (which I happen to know many of you are) maybe an artistic haircut would do you good. Those meetings with new clients are definitely going to get a lot more spicy if you come dressed for success with a rad haircut. Everything doesn’t have to be so serious all the time, right?

So get those clippers out and start forming the patterns in your scalp. Make that personal ’90s design that you usually put down on paper and later port into Photoshop. Let’s view it as a lighter form of tattooing yourself, only this will grow out and will not last forever. Besides, after we recently found out that the color used when doing Henna Tattoos puts you at a huge risk of developing cancer, maybe this thing will be right up your alley instead. After all, it will only last for a couple of months and then you’re back to normal. Dare a little. Don’t be a static fragment of life. Here are a few designs that might push you over the edge, and also give you a few ideas to start with.