The Diabolical Diagram Of Movie Monsters

As some of you know, I am a huge fan of scary movies. I could easily spend a whole weekend with a movie box just meticulously going through each and every scary movie and pouring over all the behind the scenes footage, outtakes and sketches if I were to be given such a chance. I especially love the movies that were created in the ’80s since they seem to have a special kind of feel to them. You know, that ’80s feel that we don’t see these days because of all the digital special effects. The monsters were more gory back then than they are now. Today we see more psycho people than actual monsters, and in many cases, you never see the “monster” at all. This is the case in Paranormal Activity and movies like this.

However, it’s good to know your movie enemies, and I am sure that having a little infographic about it will certainly help educate you about what they are capable of and what they love to “feed” on as they say. For example, Jason Voorhees is all about the emotional revenge kind of killing, while zombies feed off the brains of humans. All of this is good to know when you are ready to pick what kind of scary movie you want to watch.

Pop Chart Labs created a truly badass poster which is called “The Diabolic Diagram Of Movie Monsters” that will definitely speak to any scary movie enthusiast. It categorizes the movie monsters by the way they “are,” and it should be a great tool on any venture into a movie rental store, whether it is online or not. I have been scrolling and looking at it for the past 5 minutes, and I can’t get enough. There are so many movies on here that I can’t wait to see or watch again. Oh, and did I mention that it is not just a poster? You can actually check it out on their site, and it is interactive. It should definitely spawn a movie night that you will never forget. Bring on the fright night weekend!

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The Diabolical Diagram Of Monsters