The Difference Between Lego & Playmobil

Alright, I don’t think it is a secret that we here at Bit Rebels love everything Lego. We constantly do our best to bring you the very latest in builds and the freshest of shares. It’s not easy though, I can tell you that! There are a million things to choose from, and to stay focused on writing and to bring you these articles each day becomes increasingly difficult when you have found a trail of great Lego creations that just keep on inspiring you. I am sure that combined we have enough Lego articles to last us for years to come, but we’ll just trickle them out as we can spare the time to get through them all.

Recently there has been a slight debate going on on the Internet that I have tapped into, and it is all about Lego and Playmobil. You know, the OTHER Lego (I am sure I am not allowed to say that so take that word and convert it to a subject instead). The debate is whether Lego is better than Playmobil or vice versa. As you can imagine, it is a quite infected debate where each side states the pros and cons with each others favorite building block.

It might seem ridiculous to you to even engage in such a debate, but these people mean business. Just like with fans of Apple and Microsoft, this thing is serious to the bone. The debate was kind of halted though (until more evidence is delivered) by one picture being shared which quite awesomely pointed out the differences between Lego and Playmobil. When I heard of this picture, I was hesitant to check it out because of what it might show. However, it turned out to be far more hilarious than serious, and it was spot on. I guess the Playmobil fans will have some thinking to do before they retaliate.

The Difference Between Lego Playmobil

Via: [UFunk]


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    Barbara Black 9 years

    Lego should have more warnings on their products. Nobody told me it was addictive. After constructing just one house, I find myself looking at buildings and imagining them in Lego. I am going to need tons of bricks and things and then there are those plants that I can use for landscaping. It could get rather expensive. I know there are cheaper bricks around but only Lego is Lego. I bought one little package of something else and noticed the difference right away. I just hope I don’t turn to crime to support my new habit.

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    Fiona 9 years

    Hahaha: Lego vs Playmobil is like Apple vs Microsoft. Funny comparison but totaly true. What would be the net without Battles of comparability.

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      Someone 8 years

      More like programmable PC vs inert console.

      As a kid i loved computers because I had the feeling if i really really put my mind to it I could actually MAKE a game and not only play it.

      That’s the difference between lego and playmobil your kids will think out of the box while playing with lego.

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    Susan 7 years

    As a mother who had both Lego and Playmobil sets for my children, I think we are missing the main component; this is the CHILD’S IMAGINATION! My children played with all the pieces interactively. The walking was fine and, if a given figure could not actually walk–no problem, my children just hopped it along to wherever it was supposed to be in their own world.
    I do think Lego might have legs that keep interest into the teen years; but I also know of some teens who still enjoy their playmobil, but in secret! :-)
    So really, any toy that sparks the imagination is great.
    Also, Lego is too hard for some children who have limited mobility and fine motor skills.
    I think both are great; which is why my children had access to both.

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    Piconco 5 years

    I have got a brilliant explanation recently by a 6 years old kid (into both)… with LEGO I play to create, with Playmobil I play to “minilife”.
    I think is totally right… and honestly opened my mind a bit.
    Personally I like way more creating, but I guess is a lot a matter of taste rather than being better or worst.