The Freak-of-Nature Egg

I grew up in the suburbs of Wisconsin and I’ve seen some pretty crazy things on my grandfather’s farm, but I’ve never seen anything like this before. This egg is a total freak of nature.

First of all, I feel very sad for the chicken that laid this egg. She is probably in pain somewhere right now licking her wounds. Next, what would cause this? Originally I thought that maybe it was because of growth hormones, but if you listen to the voice in the video, these people sound like they are in the States, and inserting growth hormones into chickens is illegal here.

It is true that chickens grow much larger and faster than they did a few decades ago, but according to Wikipedia, that is because they are bred to do so (whatever that means).

I guess the real question to ask is, after they made this video, did they scramble up these eggs and eat them with a side of bacon? If that were me, I’d never eat those eggs. I wouldn’t want to experiment with the possible side effects!

This video was just posted on YouTube 3 days ago and already has over 300,000 views. I think that’s proof that I’m not the only one that thinks this is wild and wacky stuff!