The Fun Geek Girl Way To Monitor Your Heartbeat

In previous articles, I’ve claimed to have found the geekiest girl jewelry out there, but I take it all back. I think I’ve found something to top every other necklace, ring and bracelet I’ve written about before. The only thing I’ve seen that touches this is the interactive Bluetooth Phone Ring that Richard wrote about a while back.

This is the Heart Spark heart-shaped pendant that blinks with your heartbeat. How does it work? Well, first of all, you have to wear a polar chest strap underneath your clothes. But that’s ok, we geeks are used to going to extreme measures to display our true geekdom.

According to the video below, the chest strap picks up your heartbeat with electrocardiograms and then transmits it wirelessly to the receiver on the back of the pendant. Then, once your heartbeat is synced, the circuit flashes little LEDs in a circle on the front of the pendant. Yes, it does take a battery (a CR2032 coin-cell battery).

This necklace has two modes that interest me. First, there is an activity mode, which shows you on the back if your heart is racing (like you wouldn’t know, right?). If you see three blinks at the same time, over and over, you know your heart is beating at 90-100 beats per minute. Also, there is a fake mode, which allows you to use this necklace without the chest strap. In that mode, it will just steadily blink at 75 beats per minute, but it won’t be synced with your actual heartbeat. In other words, it’s a fake heartbeat, hence the name. Of course, we wouldn’t use that mode, right? That would be an insult to our geektastic nature. You can learn more about this pendant and get more geeky details at the Sensebridge website. This sells for $70 (chest strap not included).

[via iSpyce]