The Goatee Template | Hannibal Lecter Style

Ever wanted a Goatee? Well, you could get the perfect one using this new and awesomely beautiful Halloween attribute looking shaving template. When I first saw it I thought it was breathing apparatus or some kind of bullshit talker filter. Never in my wildest dreams could I think it was a shaving template for a Goatee. I myself have never had a Goatee. I am sporting, or trying more likely, the Johnny Depp 1700’th mustache/beard thing.

But, if you’re badly want a Goatee then I guess this could be for you. If you’re a nubee at shaving that is. I mean, are you sure you can align that “device” right anyways. What if you’re just a few millimeters off? You’ll walk around with the weirdest looking Goatee ever worn by a…uh…geek ever. Would that be your choice then so be it.

But I guess in this day and age something like this will probably take off and become the next fly and cool. What do you think? Care for some Hannibal Lecter madness? Wear it on the way to work and you’ll most likely scare the bazookas out of some old people. And, if the cops stops you then just tell them, preferably showing them the box it came with, that you are just saving up for a Goatee. Just the look on their faces would be worth it.

If you’re interested in purchising this rather multipurposed device then you can through the company website GoateeSaver for only $19.99.