The Hanko Watch: Tells Time with LED Technology!

Technology is now being embraced in the fashion world. Back in the old days, watches were simple. You know, they had a square or a round face with the numbers 1 through 12, and 2 hands that told us the hour and the minutes. But now, watches have evolved to fit the lifestyle of the people who wear them. You see different brands that have mushroomed to meet the demands of their fashion conscious customers.

I found this Hanko watch, which is truly unique. It is made of stainless steel, and it has custom curves that make it very edgy. What is cool about this watch is that it has 23 LED lights that tell the time. The hour is shown at the center of the watch face, groups of 5 minutes are shown in the outer circle, similar to the position of the numbers on ordinary watches. I guess it would take a while to get used to reading the time on this watch, but with this very cool design, I wouldn’t mind learning. For those of you interested in getting one, they are available in white, blue or multi-colored LEDs.