The Interactive Color Wheel Of Cartoons

I can’t escape the thought that the world seems to continuously be divided into colors. If it ain’t social media icons then it is the different nationalities of people. It’s all messed up really. What has color got to do with anything? Isn’t it the experience of everything that determines the success of a relationship or a service for example? I mean, the way we keep color categorizing things is becoming quite old to be honest. Wow, I just sounded like an old grumpy man there, and it was entirely unintentional. What I am trying to say is that if we keep dividing things up in color, we will miss the essence of what really matters, which is what we actually think, like and experience.

This first paragraph of this article came out a little bit deeper than I intended, but that’s how things work sometimes so I apologize in advance for dragging you into a colorful monologue of colorness (is that even a word?). However, let’s delve into the fact that color makes up the world in an infinite number of ways since everything we see, own and share is full of color. Do you look at a t-shirt differently whether it is blue or red for example? You most likely would since it has to do with what color we prefer to wear, and what compliments our own body and personality.

Have you ever thought about the pigmentation of cartoons and how that might affect the way you like or look at them? I mean, do you think you have a favorite cartoon just because the color of it is one that you like? Well, there is only one way to find out, and the people over at Slate know exactly how to make that happen. They have created the interactive Cartoon Color Wheel, and it divides all your favorite cartoons into color and pigmentation. It’s quite interesting how color once again is the center of how we look at things. However, to be honest, it’s really weird that we even have to.

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The Interactive Cartoon Color Wheel

Header Image: [Strihs]