The Million Dollar Hole-In-One

I really love golf. Even though I don’t play golf myself, I am a very skilled golf cart driver. I’ve visited some of the most breath-taking golf courses in the world, and am fascinated with this sport. When I found this story, I knew I had to share it with you.

We’ve all seen those tournaments where someone offers a million dollars if a golfer can get a hole-in-one, right? This month at the Mark Eaton Celebrity Golf Classic, an ordinary guy actually made the shot, and won the million dollars.

Jason Hargett, a 35 year old restaurant manager, used a 9 iron for this 150 yard, par 3 hole at Red Ledges Golf Resort in Utah. What are the chances that he would make that shot? According to this video – 1 in 45,000. When you watch the shot in this video, it looks so easy. That’s part of the beauty of golf, it looks easy, but in reality, you have to have mad talent!

Mark Eaton, the basketball player that sponsored this event, used the million dollar prize to attract golfers to this charity tournament where the proceeds went to The Treasure Chest Fund (a nonprofit organization that helps children and adults with diabetes).

Who knows if Mark thought that someone might actually make that shot! Mark will pay Jason and his family $25,000 each year for the next 40 years. Wow. What a great story.