The Official Zombie Survival Guide [Infographic]

I bet there are some people out there who truly believe there is a zombie apocalypse coming. There might be, who knows, right? Well, I mean, there is probably someone out there who has stocked up, piled up and geared up for a last battle with the undead to the point that you would probably wonder where they managed to get the money to purchase it all. I think I mentioned in a previous article about a scientist that looked into the possibility of a real zombie actually existing in in real life. He poured over every aspect of whether it was physically possible that a human being could turn into a zombie after he or she died. The conclusion was that there was a way it could happen, but it most certainly would not.

However, if you are afraid and can’t seem to drop the fact that there could be a zombie bacteria unleashed on the world, the best thing you could ever do is prepare. Well, at least mentally, and by that, I mean with the most amount of humor you could possibly muster. HCC Medical Insurance Services has been quick to pull together an infographic called Guide To Zombie Survival. I know, it sounds quite weird, but it’s true. It’s actually an official zombie survival guide.

As I see it, it is all about knowing your enemy. The rest will be instinct, I am sure. I mean, if a zombie with half a head was walking towards me, I would know that there was nothing physically I could do to it that would put it in another state than what it already was in. The best thing would be to run just like my instinct would probably tell me. This infographic is yet another example of some rather interesting undead humor, and I think we still haven’t seen the last of it yet. They are coming, and soon! Get ready! It’s Halloween! (You didn’t see that one coming either, did you?)

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Guide To Zombie Survival Infographic

Via: [Daily Infographic]