The One Man Multitrack Star Wars Soundtrack

After you have watched all of the Star Wars movies, you pretty much come to expect some kind of awesome soundtrack and original music from them. If you were to hear it somewhere, you would know exactly what you were listening to just from the way the music was created and the vibe it expresses. That’s one reason why the Star Wars franchise has become such a huge success. It’s like the soundtrack of the Star Wars movies has become a part of our lives, and whenever we hear it, the retro memories come striking back in flashes in our minds.

For one Star Wars fan, the soundtrack is so much more than just an accompanying mood creator from the movie. For this fan, the whole thing is about man-made sound effects. Matt Mulholland is the fan I am talking about, and the way that he listens to the soundtrack isn’t anywhere near the way we listen to it, at least as of lately.

Matt created his own soundtrack to one of the most epic fights in the franchise, and it’s all done by his human voice. No other instruments were used except his vocal chords and the multitrack feature of his recording software. The result draws you in. After a short while, you will have to do your best not to think some of the sounds are actually the real ones, at least that’s the feeling you get when you listen to it. This is definitely something that the average Star Wars fan must have a listen to. Awesomeness defined!

Star Wars Human Sountrack Video