The Periodic Table Of Swearing

I’ll admit that I have a potty mouth every now and then. There are certain situations in life when we just have to let the expletives fly, don’t you agree? For example, I’ve been known to drop a periodic F-bomb when Twitter is down, when getting dental work done, or when my computer crashes and I lose a post that I forgot to save.

I remember reading this article on Gawker last month that said according to a new study, cursing helps to numb pain. That’s right, it can be a painkiller! That suits me much better than trying to meditate or whatever calm methods people use to get rid of pain.

However, most of the time, I manage to keep my vocabulary rated PG. I very rarely curse on Twitter or Facebook since I’m constantly aware that I’m leaving my digital footprint everywhere. Speaking of swearing, I just happened to be on a website today called Cool Shit You Can Buy, and I found this periodic table of swearing. After staring at this thing for a few minutes, I realized that whoever created this at Modern Toss did a really good job. It has all the good curse words covered. Everything is on here! There’s even stuff included that I wouldn’t say to my worst enemy, like Fucking Old Whore and Bloody Fucking Hell.

After writing this post, I feel like I need to go wash my mouth out with soap or something. It’s dirty and nasty, but in a fun way. If you would like to buy this tablecloth (tea-cloth) for yourself, just click over to Modern Toss. This is a limited edition series with only 300 made.

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Curse Words Swearing Words

Header Image Credit: [Nick Shell]