The Scariest Bento Lunch Box Of All Time

There are a few great reasons for taking lunch with you to work or school. First of all, you save a lot of money by doing that. Also, you’ll get to choose exactly what it is you want for lunch. Besides, by making it yourself, you always know what it is made out of and what the ingredients are. It should be quite clear and it’s not rocket science, the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to a lifestyle incorporating the lunch box. But there is of course that little thing called inspiration that doesn’t always feed the energy to come up with new stuff to put in it. That leads to quite a monotone diet that might actually get boring after a while. That’s never a good thing since you might feel compelled to not eat at all.

To aid your inspiration a little bit, there are plenty of lunch box food designs out there that might bring a smile not only to your own face, but to the faces of your co-workers and your friends too. If you want to scare the creepers out of someone, including yourself, I think you should have a look at what could only be described as the scariest and creepiest bento lunch box of all time. It’s shared by That’s Nerdalicious, and it is most likely going to make you intensely adjust any kind of previous concept you had about what cool food design is.

It honestly freaks the socks off me. Imagine opening that badboy and being greeted by the most insane demon face of all time. Does it complement the appetite you had before you opened that lunch box? I guess that is up for discussion, but you always have the option to destroy it with a fork, which should definitely make it a bit easier to consume. I am sure there are a ton of cool bento box food designs out there, so if you know of any more that might hit this level of awkward awesomeness, please don’t hesitate to send it to us and we’ll definitely feature it. Creepy is too little of a word to describe this one, and I am sure you agree.