The Secret Thoughts Of Cats & Dogs [4 Videos]

When I was a kid, we had a crap load of animals in my house. We had cats, dogs, birds, turtles… well, you name it and we probably had it at some point. Maybe it was a way to keep us, the kids, busy since we always had to care for them and tend to their needs. It was all good and fun though. This went on until we became a little older, and our interests turned towards sports, music and a lot of other things much more important than animals. At least, that was our mindset back then. Today it seems that cats have taken over everything, at least on the Internet. Wherever you look and wherever you browse, you can be sure that there will be an article or a video of some cat in a peculiar situation.

I wonder what all these cats think about us since we keep putting them through the things people post on YouTube and all the other Tube channels (meaning, video sharing networks). Until now, they have been quite a mystery, wouldn’t you agree? Nah, there have probably been a million of these videos shared already, but I don’t think that we have seen a commercial with them yet, that is until today.

A new set of commercials have been launched for the Shelter Pet Project, and they portray the thoughts and minds of the animals around us. It’s one of those smart and clever approaches that will have you laughing until you fall asleep at night. It’s definitely going to be a viral campaign, at least that’s what my humble opinion tells me. It’s amazing what a video of a cat sitting idle and just looking out a window can be used for. It’s some really clever stuff for sure!

Pet Shelter Project Video Commercials