The Watermelon Death Star – Perfect for a Geek’s Picnic

I always played with my food as a kid. It used to drive my mother crazy. I still play with my food as an adult, and I’ve managed to pass this very annoying habit on to my son.

To me, it just makes sense. You sit there with a plate of food and your creativity takes over. Whether it’s carving elephants out of chicken or making French fry airplanes, it’s always a good time.

RJ Evans who blogs at one of my favorite sites, kuriositas, loves to play with his food too. It all started when he looked at his watermelon and thought, “Well, it kinda looks like the Death Star” and from there, his imagination and little paring knife took over. As you can see, he also played with his cantaloupe too. I think he likes playing with fruit. I prefer to play with less sticky food, but next time I get a watermelon, look out… I’m definitely going to carve it into something cool. It’s like the summertime version of a fall pumpkin. :)

I wonder if at the end of the geek picnic the Death Star watermelon explodes? Hmmm…

[Image Sources: thehealthiesthabits, kuriositas]