The World’s Fastest Beer Dispensing Keg

I had a full academic scholarship which paid for my first two years at University, but after that, I was on my own. I managed to graduate without any student loan debt, but I worked hard to pay that tuition bill every semester. I did anything I had to do, and as a result, I was serving beer in the local bars before I was even old enough to drink it. Yep, I lied about my age. I said I was 21 when I was really 19, just so I could get a job in a place where the tips were high.

Back then, draft beer was even more popular than it is today, and I spent hours filling and refilling glasses from the tap. It took a while to learn how to do it without getting a lot of foam in the cup. There is also a speed element to learn. For someone who is inexperienced, it can seem like it takes forever to get a full cup of beer without a lot of foam. For a cocktail waitress or bartender, the amount of money you earn in tips is in direct proportion to how many drinks you can serve, so speed is very important.

If I would have had this contraption back then, I could have doubled or tripled my tips. Technically, this is called a “beer dispensing system,” but whatever, it sure looks like a fancy keg to me. This is the world’s fastest beer dispenser. It is called the Bottoms Up Dispensing System, and according to the website, it “fills at a rate of nine times that of traditional beer taps.” Wow, that’s fast! This thing can fill 44 pints of draft beer in one minute.

Now that we’ve discussed the speed, I have one more question. How the hell does this work? After watching this video at least ten times, I still couldn’t figure it out. Oh… I know, it’s just magic, right? I mean, obviously the cups are specially made for this machine, right? Since I don’t like not understanding how something works, I had to go on a massive Internet search to find out how this thing operates. I finally found this article on dvice that explains it really well. Whew! I feel so much better now. I’ll give you a hint; it’s all about the magnet in the bottom of the cup. *wink*

[via Wonder How To]