The Wrestling Approach To Fire Safety Is Way More Fun

The seriousness of the world can be quite exhausting at times, especially when you are an adult. There are things to attend to pretty much the entire time, and if you at some point find the time to endeavor into the land of possibilities, you can be damn sure someone will come around to change all that. Chores and responsibilities can be a way to organize our lives, that is perfectly true, but what would life be without a bit of adventure every now and them? It’s what makes it all worthwhile. Venturing into your dreams and making them come true is one of the greatest feelings you can achieve in life.

So, today I am ditching every adult chore on my list and approaching my day from a more humorous direction. The world is far too crowded with catastrophes and sad stories, so why not look away from all that just for a second and take a look at some more pressing topics like fire safety for example. I know, right now you are thinking, “WTF! How can that be humorous?” and you are completely right. Of course it’s not funny, it’s serious.

However, as I said, let’s look at it from a different approach and you will probably know what I mean. Fire safety is only serious business if there is actually a fire, right? Change the fire safety code for just a few minutes and laugh at this new code of conduct which would probably be quite hilarious as a sketch (like a live reenactment that is) if there ever were one. My point is that after looking at this, you will see that there are different perspectives to everything. You just have to acknowledge them and let them into your life, and you will see that life itself gets a whole lot more… well, fun!

Different Fire Safety Code Manual

Via: [HFBoards]