Then And Now: Gamer’s Excitement Over New Gear

After watching this short little skit, it suddenly hit me. Gamers and gadget fanatics were a lot more excited about new stuff back in the day. Being able to play against people all over the world through the Internet was once something that blew your mind. The graphics of the next generation gaming console were a feat of engineering, and we all tried to imagine a day when graphics would one day look as realistic as if they were in real life. Well, we are there now, and I don’t see half the excitement in myself or other people. It’s kind of sad really. I remember when I was younger and received the latest Nintendo magazine (yes, I was in the Nintendo fan club), and it was the highlight of the month. To compare then and now is really to compare two different worlds.

In an attempt to show just how lame we have all become when it comes to being excited about the latest and greatest technology, Mega64 put together a little video skit called New Consoles, Then And Now which showcases how excited we became in the old days versus today. It’s both hilarious and true, and just like me, you will probably nod your way through the whole video. It’s amazing how different things are when comparing then and now. After you have watched it, you will most likely be hit with the same thought that I had, “Are we really that unexcited about things today?

The answer to that question is quite apparent. Yes we are! We see things that seemingly change the world on a daily basis, and all we do is acknowledge it (if even that) and carry on like nothing happened. It’s just the way things have developed I guess. It’s rare, but I do get excited about things every once in a while, but the excitement level compared from then and now has no doubt gone down. The 3D printing area of technology is probably what is most exciting to me these days. It shows so much promise, and I think we are going to see a huge revolution in how the world will do business, deliver products and the speed it takes to get almost whatever we buy off the Internet. Have a look at this video and ask yourself one thing, have you become too used to the greatness of technology or are you still as excited as you were back in the day when you were playing Nintendo for the first time?

Gamer’s Excitement Then And Now


Via: [DVICE]