These Animals Stay Cool In The Summer Heat!

I’ve spent the past week in South Carolina spending time with my mother and grandmother. South Carolina has some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen. The azaleas and other flowers that are blooming right now are spectacular!

However, it is very hot and humid. It is so hot and humid that at times, it is even hard to breathe outside. It was over 100 degrees many days when I was there, which to the locals, is nothing new.

My mother keeps a birdbath, several sprinklers and other watering dishes all around her backyard for the animals. There are birds, rabbits, deer, etc… that pass through her yard each day to splash around in the water to keep cool. Now that I am back in Atlanta where it is not quite so hot (oh wait, it is supposed to be 95 degrees here today!) I was inspired to find some pictures of animals staying cool in the summer heat. I found these on one of my favorite websites, Enjoy!