Cruise Ship vs. Rogue Wave

Do you like the ocean? What about cruises? I like to take my son to the beach, but I won’t get in the water above my waist. I don’t know how to swim very well and I’ve never liked boats. After seeing Titanic in the theaters when it came out back in the nineties, I decided I wasn’t going to be going on any cruises either.

After learning what happened on a cruise ship yesterday that was peacefully traveling along in the Mediterranean (between Barcelona and Genoa), my fears have officially gone from bad to worse. Have you seen this? It’s insane.

Here’s the abbreviated version of what happened: Out of nowhere, a rogue wave that was up to 26 feet high crashed into this huge cruise ship breaking the windows, flooding the cabins, and scaring the heck out of everyone on board. There were 1,930 people on board at the time. 14 people were hurt, 2 people died and one Grandma broke both of her legs. Not only can’t officials pinpoint exactly why this happened, they also don’t know where exactly it happened.

Some passenger was running around with a video camera and shot the footage below. You can see some people eating in the restaurant one moment, and the next moment, they are covered in water. You can hear some frantic woman in the background shrieking, “We’re going down, we’re going down.” This video has only been on YouTube for 24 hours and it already has over 100,000 views. Nuts! Thank you @dudeman718 for tweeting this video so now we can all be afraid of giant, unexpected, killer waves. ;)