This Reversed Fountain Will Mess With Your Mind!

Traveling is a great way to see new things, things that you would normally only see on TV, the Internet or read about in the news. When it comes to landmarks and special attractions, there is no better way to experience them than going there in person. I am sure we will soon find ourselves immersed in a virtual world enabling us to travel anywhere at any time. It will be the first time travel that we actually get to experience. It will certainly play some tricks on your mind. Until then, there are other things that might make you go loopy.

How about the reversed vortex fountain that at first glance appears to be upheld by nothing other than its own body of water? This brain twister is called Charybdis and could be seen as a man made miracle if you don’t know the trick it’s playing on us. Just looking at it won’t give away its secret. You actually have to touch it to find it out, if you dare.

The vortex resides inside an acrylic cylinder that together with the water inside of it blends together to create a visually impossible to tell apart pillar of water. The vortex inside of it appears to spin upwards and further creates an illusion that this fountain is magical in nature. It’s all a natural trick that is best explained by the narrator of this rather stunning clip. If you want the magic to stay intact, I suggest you do not look at the video, but I know you guys. You can’t keep something this awesome in the shadows of a secret blanket. You are after all geeks, and geeks have to know. Simply stunning!