Time Travel Communications Found Hidden In A Coffee Shop

If you’ve ever left a time capsule for future generations to find, you know how much fun it is. It’s tricky because you have to find a secret place to hide your time capsule. It has to be a hard enough place where nobody will find it for a few generations, but easy enough to find so it doesn’t go unnoticed forever. The type of notes below are a whole different thing though. These are time travel communications found in a random drawer in a coffee shop.

These were obviously left for specific people to find. Those people are the ones experiencing time travel, and it seems as though they’ve had a bumpy ride. Finding these time travel communications would be like finding a little treasure. According to reddit user Unlucky13, “I was sitting at a local coffee shop today and I noticed a small drawer under my table. I opened it and stumbled upon the best thing ever…”

I’ve been to those coffee shops before, you know, the ones with the dainty, cozy cushions and antique furniture. I can imagine finding something like this. Now come the questions. Did a group of people write these when they were hanging out at the coffee shop? Or, did one person write the first one and then others who were there at different times contribute with the rest? If a group of people left them at different times, it would just add to the awesomeness of this whole story.

This redditor didn’t have a pen or paper, so he didn’t leave a note to add to the others. That’s a bummer. But like one commmenter on reddit pointed out, if the notes end up being real time travel communications, then leaving an additional one would give them all false hope. It’s quite a dilemma for sure. Dave, we hope you find your way back home!

Time Travel Communications Found In A Coffee Shop

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Via: [Nerd Approved]