Top 10 Countries With Internet & What They Search For

To make a list of the top countries on the Internet isn’t the most complicated of tasks since it pretty much just involves checking the size of the population of each country in question. However, just because I made this point, don’t go thinking that it’s always the way to put together a great top 10 list for this because there are countries in the world with large populations that are not as technology robust as most of the industrial countries around the world. For this article, I am merely talking about the countries that we usually tend to think of when we’re talking about the Internet.

There are far more interesting things to check and to list when it comes to the world’s countries and their Internet usage. For example, what are they searching for? It’s not quite so easy to predict that since you have to check the percentage of Internet usage for each country. Facebook seems to be the number one search term for pretty much all the countries present on this elaborate Top 10 list infographic from the always intriguing Tech King guys.

The fact that China is the top nation when it comes to Internet usage isn’t very surprising considering that their population is beyond 1 billion. But then again, when you end up going through the pattern of who has the highest population, the search words are quite different. I don’t peak Russian or Chinese, but what seems to be quite a trend is that most countries have the top search terms “Facebook,” “YouTube,” and “Google,” which of course isn’t very surprising. Even though I find this inforgraphic quite enlightening, I am not too surprised about what’s being presented on it. However, it’s always great to know this information, and it goes to prove that these services truly are the world’s most popular social media and social networking services on the Internet. Period!

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Top 10 Countries Search Terms