Train Fan Builds Life-Size Train Car In His Basement

How far would you go to satisfy and honor your fandom? For many people, it would end at a large collection or a barely healthy amount of cosplay. For a few people, fandom has become something that has pretty much taken over their lives in a sense. We have seen countless, almost apocalyptic, collections of Star Wars memorabilia. Some people even create replicas of their favorite tool, gadget or costume in order to feel just a little bit closer to what they love. But again, for some people, that is simply not enough. They go all out and recreate their dreams in life-size builds that would make any man or women seem mad. They know it may seem crazy, but that didn’t seem to stop a train fan from Vaughan, Ontario who realized his dreams in his own basement.

Jason Shron, long time VIA Train fan, tried to buy the real train schematics of a VIA train from VIA. When that didn’t work out, he decided he might as well build his own train car in his basement. Say what? Yup, that was probably what his friends and loved ones said as well when he told them about his plans. The fact is, this particular train fan feels most at ease and safe when he’s in a train, so why not, right?

After collecting some authentic pieces, doing some intricate planning, and completing a whole lot of building which took over 4 and a half years, this train fan found himself to be the proud owner of a life-size VIA train car located in his basement. It had been carefully replicated with the right measurements, chairs and trash cans. He even managed to incorporate the authentic sound you hear on a train. He did all this to make him feel perfectly at home. Even though he is a train fan, he did deliberately switch out the bathroom for a sound system so he could listen to all his favorite music within the comfort of his…train. Yup, some people, even though they are train fans, know exactly how to make a geek look even geekier. Call it what you will, but this train fan’s dream came true, and for him, that is all that matters. It’s epic in every way, and it will most likely stay that way for this train fan from Vaughan, Ontario.

A Train Fanatics Dream Come True




Via: [Technabob]