Transform Your Boring House Key Into A Geeky TARDIS Key

How do you tell which keys are which on your key ring? Are you one of those people who fumbles around in the dark searching for your house key when you’re standing at the front door at night? If so, you are going to love this. As Angie at Geek Crafts says, “home is where the TARDIS is,” and I have to agree. I don’t care how old Doctor Who gets, the TARDIS will never go out of style.

About a month ago, I shared a DIY Lego Stormtrooper Key Holder with you. That thing was so cute it made me want to stop what I was doing just to make it. Today’s little key design is just as special, and it will definitely make you smile each time you grab that big wad of boring keys as you’re running out the door.

Haley at The Zen of Making created this, and she even posted the simple tutorial so you can make one for yourself. The supply list and directions are super simple and very inexpensive. I would put this in the “fast and easy” category. The most time consuming part of the process is waiting for the different layers of paint to dry. If I were to make this, I would probably change the color of blue just a bit if possible. This gives me all kinds of ideas for other geeky things that could be painted on keys too. How about a whole Star Wars set of keys? Yeah, I’m getting a little carried away with this one. You can click over to Tutorial: Painted TARDIS Keys to try it. If you want to see another geeky little key holder, check out this handmade Zelda Key Holder I saw on Reddit yesterday.




Via: [Geek Crafts]