Transformers: Hilarious Real Life Truck Costume

During the Super Bowl we got to see the awesome trailer for the new Transformers movie, which of course spurred a lot of talk on the Internet. It’s one of the most successful movie series of all time, and with this new movie, we can expect a ton of cool special effects. If you’re a true geek you know of something called cosplay. It’s how geeks out there do pretty much anything they can to create and wear a costume that truly says everything about them as they try to mimic their favorite game character. There are also some truly genius geeks out there that try to take care of their need to dress up by creating an awesome costume from a movie. Usually; however, the costumes lack that “spark” of awesomeness that we’re constantly looking for.

There are a couple of geeks out there who took on the Transformers movies and decided to put together their very own Transformers truck costume. The result is nothing less than awesome and even though the final costume isn’t flawless, it sure makes all your geeky smile muscles go wacky.

The group behind this pretty neat project is called N8Projects, and you can see why it’s simply one of the most hilarious costumes ever created out of cardboard. The uses for it are endless, and my thoughts immediately dart towards small motor cars that you can put your kid on at the amusement park. However, this one is way more sophisticated. I think I like the wheels on the knees and legs the best since it is what makes for that awesome driving experience when you’re looking at the truck fully folded up. It’s brilliant if you ask me!

Transformers Cosplay Cardboard Costume Design